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What Is A CNC Machine And It’s Uses

CNC machines are automated devices which control and monitors the movement of sophisticated tools and machines like mills, grinders, routers, and lathes. A software commands the computer to carry out the process by controlling speed, coordination, location, and feed rate. It is programmed with a relevant and customized language called G-code, which helps in controlling the above factors.

CNC machines are generally found in manufacturing industries as the process is complicated and time-consuming if performed manually. The machine, on the other hand, saves a lot of time as the entire process is controlled by advanced software, and the process is carried out systematically.

Types of CNC machines

CNC machines are utilized in a vast number of industries like aerospace, agriculture, automotive, and construction to produce a variety of products. The process surrounds different computer-controlled machining operations, including mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical processes, which then dispatch raw materials from the blank to produce the desired part.

CNC drilling

It is processed through which circular holes are made in the workpiece using multi-point drill bits. It rotates the drill bit in the upward motion into the blank, which further constructs vertically-aligned gaps containing equal diameters for the drilling machine. In addition to this, specialized tools are used to achieve angular drilling maneuvers.  

CNC milling

The act of cutting the stock piece is known as milling. It requires cutting tools with several points to detach the material from the workpiece. The process is carried out in the direction the cutting tool is rotating, whereas, the manual procedure is performed in the opposite direction. CNC machine consists of flat surfaces, cutting shallow and flat-bottomed activities.

CNC turning

The cutting tool is fed in linear movements with the surface of the rotating stock piece. The material is removed until the desired outcome is obtained so that features like threads and slot papers can be produced. Unlike other machines, CNC turning requires single-point cutting equipment so that it gets detached from the workpiece.

CNC router

CNC router machine is used to manufacture high products. The machine contains 6-axis altogether; however, the router cuts the material on X, Y, and Z-axis. Three-dimensional routing is the most common, but if the product is complex, then all 6-axis are used to cut the material as well. It improves the efficiency of the production as the speed per unit gets reduced, and errors are minimized as well.


Types of CNC software

The CNC machining process has software applications which help the machine in optimizing, precision and ensures the accuracy of the customized parts.


It is a software used to create 2-D and 3-D dimension structures. The advanced technology is used architectures, engineers, and artist to design technical illustrations.


Computer-aided manufacturing is a technology through which the designs created using CAD are manufactured. It is a software and computer-controlled machinery which facilitates the manufacturing process.


It is a program used by engineers to design, analyze, and manufacture the products and procedures.

Uses of CNC machine:

Embroidery machines

Wood routers

Turret punchers

Wire-bending machines

Foam cutters

Laser cutters

Cylindrical grinders

3D printers

Glass cutters

CNC machine can carry out complex procedures like cutting tools on numerous levels and angles on a stock piece in a couple of seconds. However, you need to make sure that the right code programs it.