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About US

Welcome to Zhuhai Tengyun trade co., LTD

Zhuhai Tengyun trade co., LTD., founded in 2013, is located in Zhuhai nanping science and technology park. We manufacture and sell all kinds of the machinery industry, electronic industry-standard parts.

Our company's products have been exported to overseas, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, Canada, and the European Union and other countries and regions.

Our aim is to provide the best service at the best price and the best quality to make our customers satisfied.

The culture of ZHUHAI TENGYUN TRADE CO., LTD can be induced by the strength, innovation, and endurance to go the extra mile for the making of standard precision parts. We enormously cherish technological improvements and are dedicated to offering unique and enhanced tools with all our potential efforts.

We are pleased to be the leading precision parts manufacturers. And our corporate culture is based on honesty, uprightness, collaboration, and environmental assurance. With great insight, passion, and love, our skilled craftsmen are working to enhance our products and deliver them with additional prolific and durable than ever since.

We have an empathy corner for the employees working day in and day out to deliver you the finest finished good. Our middlemen or the one who works in our manufacturing unit, we have equal importance for all.

ZHUHAI TENGYUN TRADE CO., LTD, has strong corporate strength, leading technical support innovative equipment . Songs products are sold throughout the country , with offices in major cities or agency distribution points , and has successfully expanded to Southeast Asia, Middle East and other international markets. The company has a huge logistics transportation equipment and improve customer management system, with nationwide distribution to meet customer requirements of the marketing team , providing customers with meticulous pre-sale and after-sale one-stop service .
Recruitment is the blank area dealers to join together to build China brand !
Joining support
Hardware support:
Providing business-related certificates , product brochures , CD promotional materials , corporate gifts and other promotional materials 100 number . Newspapers , body , store advertising , such as full graphic design and production programs to ensure vivid display terminal stores and regional brand communication for best results.
Software Support:
Marketing expenses support: the company based on the contents of the distribution contract provides for the support of dealers marketing costs . From time to time in various regions organize various promotional activities and promotional activities , public relations campaign activities to ensure steady growth in sales .
Training Support : The annual intensive launch various training activities, such as dealer training , product test training, new product promotion conferences , etc., to ensure that customers and business competitiveness in the market to enhance the synchronization .
Improve the technical service system : Marketing Technician distribution throughout the country , customers are subject to difficult problems can be directly consult your local technician I will be the first time give or send its technicians to handle tracking service .
Return service system: the customer in my company purchased substandard products used , no channel sales of goods , within the validity period I will give you free replacement services ; the company's products at the customer product quality problems , as I after the technician to instruct the Secretary , and is in the period I will provide you with return service .
Support : to provide customers with comprehensive, rapid and complete pre- sale, sale, after-sales service ; dealers can use the service for the consumer more value to their products can also be used to create a service to back their profit growth .
Financial support :
Financial support : Dealer in the original capital investment , based on the volume of business has been rapid development and sales of up to a certain degree in the relevant procedures for a good premise, on the company to give financial support , eliminating the annoyance caused by financial constraints .
Eligibility to join
Have a strong sense of professionalism and good business reputation , can identify with the corporate culture and brand operation mode , profit model , identity and willing to implement the treaty norms related services company , branding programs.
Have a legitimate business qualifications and documents required for the normal operation of the financial and regulatory office space facilities.